You don't like to take risks, but you still want the chance for a bit of return.

Expected Profit
Risk Level

100% Stable Coin Investment

Balance is the perfect investment option for those who don't like to take risks but still want the chance to benefit from returns of the crypto market. With Balance, your investment won’t fluctuate that much, but you will generate a constant cash flow. That can be reinvested to profit even more in the long term. Balance contains only stable coins, which are stable cryptocurrencies connected to the US Dollar.

Your investment will be stored on DeFiChain’s decentralized blockchain, and you'll always have full transparency. Use our slider to select your investment time and the amount you want to invest. Start generating a constant cash flow with Balance today.


Stable Coins

Current Annual Yield

19 %

Your Invest

$ 10$ 100000

Earn Monthly

14 $

Inside Balance

Exploring the Components

Stable Coin


17% USDC

17% USDT


50% DUSD

Balance contains only stable coins, meaning stable cryptocurrencies which are connected to the US Dollar. The product is using 17% USDT (Tether), the biggest stable coin on the market, 17% USDC (Circle), the second biggest and most trusted stablecoin, 16% EUROC, and 50% DUSD, which is the decentralized US Dollar on the DeFiChain blockchain.

Stablecoins are less volatile and less risky than traditional cryptocurrencies, making them an ideal choice for risk-averse investors who still want to benefit from the growth potential of the cryptocurrency market.