You enjoy taking risks and can wait for good results

Expected Profit
Risk Level

100% Crypto Investment

With Horizon, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: the potential for high returns in the volatile cryptocurrency market and a regular cash flow. Your investment will benefit from the long upward movements of the crypto market. That means for you as an investor that if the market experiences an uptrend, your overall investment value will increase. That’s why our product “Horizon” is perfect for those who want to take risks and can wait for good results.

Your investment will be stored on DeFiChain’s decentralized blockchain, and you'll always have full transparency. Use our slider to select your investment time and the amount you want to invest. Start generating cash flow and investing in your future today.



Current Annual Yield

18.6 %

Your Invest

$ 10$ 100000

Earn Monthly

14 $

Inside Horizon

Exploring the Components



25% Bitcoin

25% Etherum

50% Defichain

Horizon contains 25% Bitcoin, the biggest and most relevant of all cryptocurrencies, 25% Ethereum, the second biggest and very popular currency, and 50% DeFiChain, which is one of the most innovative decentralized finance blockchains worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important in the global economy and are seen as a hedge against inflation and a way to diversify investment portfolios. With Horizon, you can benefit from the growth potential of the cryptocurrency market.